Posted by Alexander Falk on Jun 16, 2023
As our Rotary Year 2022-23 is about to enter into its final month, there is still enough time for your club to achieve one of our two available District Governor's Citation programs:
As well as the Rotary Citation that your club can get from Rotary International.
All three programs are similar in that they define 25 potential goals or suggested action steps, and to achieve the citation your club must achieve more than half of these, i.e. 13 or more of the respective goals or action steps must be completed. Furthermore, all three programs are based on an online submission process: for the two District Governor's Citation the online form is on our district website and can be found through the links above. And for the Rotary Citation from Rotary International, the goals can be found in the goals section on Rotary Club Central
Most Clubs have found that when they review the Citation requirements that the Club often has already achieved some of the action steps. So it may only take an additional push to complete and document the remaining steps to achieve the goals and earn the Citation! And if your club achieves either one of the two available District Governor's Citation programs, you will receive pins for all your club members to celebrate the achievement!