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Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts Ambassador Program Coordinator 

Is your civic group, service organization, corporation, or association looking for a compelling speaker who can inspire, educate, and motivate your members?

Invite an Ambassador from BIA-MA's Speakers Bureau to address your group, share his or her personal experience with brain injury, and provide important facts about this silent epidemic. When a survivor shares his or her story, people listen. We have presented to organizations throughout Massachusetts, including Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis clubs.

All Ambassadors are volunteer speakers who have either sustained a brain injury or have a loved one with a brain injury. They vary in age and experience, but all share a desire to tell their stories to help others avoid this devastating tragedy.

“I speak as an Ambassador in the hopes that I am able to help even one other human being avoid the pain we have lived each day of our lives since Caleb’s accident. Then I will feel something good has come out of his tragedy. I have set my intention to no longer let brain injury be the silent epidemic."

- Sharyn Lindsay
Ambassador Program Speaker and Mother of a Brain Injury Survivor

"The major reason that I volunteer for the Ambassador Program is to give hope. I want people who have been affected by brain injury to know that they can recover and that there is hope of preventing brain injury."

- David Porter
Ambassador Program Speaker and Brain Injury Survivor

For more information or to schedule a speaker, please contact:

Kelly Buttiglieri
Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts
Ambassador Program Coordinator
30 Lyman Street, Suite 10
Westborough, MA 01581
(508) 475-0032, ext. 33 (phone)
(800) 242-0030 (fax)