Posted by Peter Majane, District Membership Chair on Jun 21, 2024
When you help new members feel valued and connected to a club from the beginning, they’re more likely to stay and be part of the club’s growth. Here are four ways you can keep new members engaged: 
1. Introduce newcomers to the rest of the club using the club’s website, newsletter, or email. You can also highlight new members at meetings or service activities (ask them first!) or organize small get-to-know-you sessions. Encourage current members to make them feel welcome. 
2. Learn about new members. The member interest survey will help you understand their background, interests, and what they’re most excited to do with the club. Be ready to recommend Rotary activities that match their interests. 
3. Pair new members with mentors who can help them feel comfortable and welcomed. Mentors can teach new members about the club and its activities, answer questions about Rotary, and suggest ways they can get involved. A mentor can also introduce them to members who share their interests.  
4. Create an inclusive club experience for everyone by considering how different members are able or prefer to engage. Do people use captioning apps, need an accessible website, or want translations? Learn what your members need and make it easy for them to participate.
Incorporating these strategies in your orientation process will help new members feel welcome, supported, and valued. Doing this can lead to long-term growth and success for your club.
If you have questions or would like support with Membership, contact Peter Majane.