Posted by David J Gardner on Sep 18, 2023
On September 12th, the Club Presidents were invited to attend the first-ever combined meeting with the Assistant Governors. DG Lori has made a commitment to keep the Presidents connected throughout the year and her suggestion was to invite them to attend a combined meeting four times a year with the AG's and other district leaders. The goal is to have them share their successes and their struggles with each other and the team that is here to serve them.
There was a great exchange of ideas from our 24 Club Presidents and the majority of Assistant Governors who attended the one-hour meeting. Many ideas to support membership, enhance public image, and focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion were shared and it is obvious that our district is in good hands with our Club Presidents.
The transcript of the meeting and the presentation were emailed to the entire Presidential class and the district leaders who are ready to provide any assistance the clubs need.
Future meeting topics will be assessed via a survey and those ideas or concerns will be the agenda for the next meeting scheduled for December.
In the meantime, Create Hope in the World!