Posted by Linda W. Doliber on Jan 29, 2021


You are already a leader in your community, but good leaders know that learning is, and should be, a continual life-long process. Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is hosting virtual interactive seminars in February and March; and, at a cost of $25 each, these sessions are designed to be not only fun and affordable, but will provide the participants with valuable tools and ideas to bring back to their clubs. Since the courses are discussion-based rather than lectures, the lively conversations will encourage the virtually-gathered Rotarians to present and exchange information that will energize or re-energize as well as educate.
We are pleased to announce that District 7930 will reimburse you for the $25 attendance fee upon completion of any of the RLI sessions in February and March 2021!!
Available dates are: February 6, February 27, and March 13.
Each course is a day-long Saturday session, and Parts I, II, III and Graduate must be taken in order.
For curriculum listing and to register: Go to
February 6: (Parts I, II, III and Graduate)
           For questions, Penny Byron,
February 27: (All Parts) out of Schenectady, NY
           For questions, Susan Austin,
March 13: (All Parts) out of Pottstown, PA
           For questions, Len Gieseler,