Posted by Jackie Rapisardi on May 31, 2021
As the pandemic restrictions are loosening, you might be thinking of ways to bring your team at work or your friends and family back together and to encourage a little fun. Here’s a great activity to get your folks reconnected. And they might win a prize too!

Beverly Rotary Club will host a scavenger hunt as part of the club’s 100th anniversary celebration. Anyone can join Beverly’s Treasure Hunt by signing up at It costs $10 per person on the team to play.

Teams of up to 4 people will get a link to an online app that will dictate missions for the team to follow. Some missions are as simple as going to a landmark or business in the community with a mobile device to be geotagged. Some missions are more involved and will need the team to get a code word or take a photo of an activity.

The winning team will receive $1,000 and the second place team will receive $500. The game just began May 29th and will end on Saturday, June 26th. People can join right up until the end of the hunt, but for the best chance at winning the prize, sign up early!