Posted by Alexander Falk on Sep 05, 2022
In my monthly District Governor email a few days ago I had invited Rotary Clubs to do a project during Basic Education and Literacy Month (September) and perhaps build a "Little Library" in their community:
"September is Basic Education and Literacy Month. If your club has not done a District Managed Grant this year you might consider this area of focus. Build a “Little Library” with your Interact Club or your local scout troop and stock it with books. Do a project with your local library or school library, even set up a reading club or afterschool program. Consider purchasing books in languages other than English to donate. Many libraries only have a limited supply."
I want to follow up on this invitation with an offer. In recent months, Nora and I have gone through our library and removed a whole series of duplicate books that had accumulated over the years. We'd be happy to donate these books to any Rotary Club who actually wants to build such a "Little Library". It's about 250 books, mostly English and German, about evenly split 50:50.
We have about 6 boxes of duplicate books, and each box contains about 50 books, so approximately 250-300 books total. Please see the following photos for more details:
If you are interested in having these for a project at your Rotary Club, please contact me via email.