Posted by Keith Harris on Oct 28, 2019
Interact taps into the best that can come from a partnership between Rotarians and young people. In 7930, we want to help your club embrace that potential. We are committed to a more robust Interact experience for everyone involved. This is why we designed the InteractCafe.

The first InteractCafe was held this past week at the Winchester High School. The idea was simple: take motivated teens and Rotarians, bring them together, allow them to mingle and exchange ideas, and send them home with everything they need to make their clubs even stronger. It was also important to keep it local and relatively brief (being on a school night). Topics included membership growth, fundraising, international projects and developing closer relationships with sponsor Rotary clubs. Attendees also had time to share with each other, to meet their counterparts in other clubs. At the end of the evening, the new District 7930 RYLA video was shown for the first time - and the kids LOVED it! This event is designed to be regional, and a second InteractCafe is being planned for Thursday, November 14, on the North Shore (likely at Ipswich High School). Stay tuned for details!
Enough of a description - here are the words of two attendees:

“Although InteractCafe is new this year, you wouldn't be able to tell - the event was perfectly planned and executed, and radiated nothing but positive energy and enthusiasm for Rotary! Once we arrived, we were immediately encouraged to mingle with Rotarians and Interactors from other towns, getting to know not only them but also how their clubs operated. We worked through some ice breakers, talked about what Interact means to us, and then got to hear advice from experienced RYLArians about fundraising, building connections, growing our clubs, RYLA, and so much more. Seven Wilmington Interactors were able to attend, and I've heard nothing but positive feedback from each of them. The event renewed their passion for Rotary, and I can tell how determined some of them are to strengthen our club and follow after the model that the leaders at this event set. It isn't every day that our members get to speak with experienced Rotarians and see what Interact is all about.”  --Evy Miller-Nuzzo, President, Wilmington Interact.

“We thoroughly enjoyed the Interact Cafe and learned a lot from other clubs. Our greatest take away was that small clubs like ours can have a great impact. We are always looking for new community service opportunities...We came away with many ideas. We also learned that having a connection to our local Rotary Club will increase our ability to reach more people and have a great impact. We were excited to hear about Interact Clubs from different countries working together for a common purpose. We were all 'fired up' at the end of the event and ready to find more ways to support those around us both near and far away." --Jill Kramer - Wakefield Memorial High School Interact Club advisor.

(Photo - members of the Wilmington Interact Club)