Posted by Tracy Arabian on Apr 01, 2024
Thanks to generous donations from the Gloucester and Manchester & Essex Rotary Clubs, a District 7930 Managed Grant, and private non-Rotary donations, a $45,000 generator was purchased for Kivu Hills Medical Center in 2023. The generator finally arrived in February after contending with massive rainstorms, which led to treacherous potholes and mudslides. It was an extreme challenge for the truck carrying this generator. Thankfully, the road will be paved soon.
There is currently no medical clinic locally for the 30,000 rural residents of Boneza, and the Kivu Hills Medical Center will also provide services to millions of people in the surrounding regions when it opens its doors later in 2024.
In addition, the Gloucester and Rockport Rotary Clubs donated funds—again with support from a District 7930 Managed Grant—to purchase a generator for the Kivu Hills Academy. This generator was officially dedicated to the school in May 2022. The Academy is the first and only high school with three hundred students enrolled annually in Boneza, educating thousands in the greater geographic area with their hands-on curriculum.
Power in rural Boneza goes out several times each week. These generators provide consistent power and are critical for the medical center and academy.
We look forward to dedicating the newest medical center on our next visit. 
The mission of Arise Rwanda is “To positively transform the community of Boneza out of extreme poverty by focusing on education, clean water, healthcare and economic development.”  For more information, please visit