Posted by Marc Gillette on Oct 28, 2019
On the evening of May 1, 2019, Rotary of Andover Citizens Who Care recognized Steven Crowley as Student of the Year for his volunteer work in the community and with middle school kids at the Andover Youth Center – in front of about 250 Andoverites who boisterously supported him for his good work.
His brother and sister couldn’t be there that night– they were away at college – but his mom, Amy, was busy snapping photos and his dad, Thomas, was super busy just being proud dad.
Then the unthinkable happened.
Shortly after their arrival home, right after the family walked through the door, Thomas had a heart attack and sank to the floor. Steven saw this happen right in front of him yet mustered to call 911 while his mom tended to his dad’s needs. However, on this, Steven’s night of nights, Thomas, only 60 years old, didn’t make it.
We at Rotary of Andover continue to support Steven through a GoFundMe page. We’re all proud of accomplishments and we look toward his bright future, albeit one without his dad in it. Today we ask the Rotary family to open their hearts and wallets – please consider helping Steven through his fiscal challenge of attending college.
In her nomination letter, Steven’s Andover High School guidance counselor described him this way: “Steven is a confident and dynamic young man who lives each day with integrity…He is the epitome of an Andover Citizen Who Cares.”
Let’s show Steven we care; please give what you can – $25, $100 – so while he concentrates on his grades he knows Rotary has been his safety net.

Please donate now. Thomas’s GoFundMe page will be shut down November 1.
Steven Crowley, center, with Bill Fahey, director, left, and Glenn Wilson, assistant director of Andover Youth Services.