Posted by Sarah Furie on Mar 08, 2023
On International Women's Day this Wednesday, we featured three dedicated Rotarian women in our district on our social media platforms. 
Becca Harris, a Past President and future Co-President elect of Arlington, MA Rotary Club. She says, "the best way I know how to uplift women is to make sure that the conversation and action of equality for every person on earth no matter gender, race, sexual orientation, and ability are on the forefront of my communities and friends." Through Rotary's service, education and action in the community, she believes Rotary is working towards achieving equity. 
When asked how she is celebrating women this month she said, "I am celebrating by sharing stories of women, especially women of BIPOC communities. I am also making sure I thank my mentors and other strong women in my life." 
As the president elect and current president of Rotary Club of Andover, Claudia J Soo Hoo has created space for women in her club to build camaraderie and friendship by having Ladies Nights Out and In. She encourages females to be upstanders and support one another. 
She is celebrating women's history month at work, in her personal life and beyond. She says, "For as many of the days of March as possible, I wear t-shirts with a message about women, women’s rights, quotes, etc. At work and at Rotary we highlight women that work in our organization all through the month."
Linda W. Doliber highlighted two strong Rotarian women that have mentored her through her Rotary journey. 
"The first is the late Frances 'Fraffie' Welch. My membership sponsor, Fraf was 'a force,' both in personality and in Rotary. Our club was chartered in 1996. A charter member and first president of our club, Fraf was a former military service member who could command immediate attention with her booming voice, her mastery of the English language (albeit spiced up with the occasional expletive), and her undying commitment to constantly challenging our members as Rotarians to 'do good work.' There was no bigger heart for service, international fellowship and goodwill. Her final words to my dear friend and current club president Jessica Barnett were, 'Take care of my club,' and that request/command still resonates with me and guides me today.
The second mentor in my Rotary journey has been PDG Julia Phelps. An education professional, Julia has also served the international organization as a member of the board of the Rotary Foundation and has traveled the world in support of Rotary’s programs. I was fortunate to serve as District Managed Grants Chair for several years under her leadership and was honored that she asked me to continue to serve in that capacity during the three years of Future Vision (2010-2013) when select districts were chosen to administer Rotary’s grant programs with an eye to setting the future structure of how Global grants would be considered and evaluated. Julia’s example of dedication to the Rotary Foundation and Rotary’s principals has been one that I continue to admire."
Happy International Women's day to all.