Posted by Julie Brady on Jul 13, 2018
In the month of June the Methuen Rotary Club decided to start a new tradition by holding their 1st June Jubilee. 
"This past year, I have had the privilege to serve as the President of the Rotary Club of Methuen. When I accepted the position of President, I made it clear to my fellow Rotarians that I wanted our Club to give back to our community. As my service as President comes to a close, we came up with a way to do just that. We decided to hold our 1st Annual Rotary Club of Methuen’s Weekly June Jubilee. Myself and the Board of Directors have decided to donate $1,000.00 a week to Five (5) charities that serve Methuen. The charities chosen represent the issues that are important to our community and to Rotary Club. Each organization was sent a letter and invited to attend a luncheon so they could also speak about their organization. We plan on continuing this every year in June. As of now, the charities were chosen by the Club Members. The non profits chosen were The Clean River Project, Methuen YMCA, Debbie's Treasure Chest, Neighbors In Need, and Methuen Arlington Neighborhood. It has been well received in the community and we already cannot wait until next June to have another fantastic month." --Immediate Past President Jonathan Rossi