Consider our Contacts module to be your clubs' online address book, integrated with your eBulletin and email. Besides basic information such as name, phone number and primary email address, you can also store details such as birthday, anniversary and nickname, in addition to contact information such as home and work address, secondary phone numbers and email addresses, etc.

Even import from or export contacts to Excel!

  • Create non-member lists to track sponsors, volunteers, supporters, prospective members and more!
  • Besides basic information, you can also store details such as birthday, anniversary, nickname, home or work address and more.
  • Create numerous groups to better manage your contacts and understand their involvement with your club. Separate them by friends, prospective members, bulletin subscribers, sponsors and more. Labels will allow you to color code and categorize each group making it easier to identify a certain set of people. This makes it easy to email just a few specific people, whether you want to send club announcements, a request for volunteers or an invitation to an event.