Posted by Sandy Carlisle on Mar 16, 2021

Economic and Community Development of Eco-Tourism

Creating successful and sustainable eco-tourism and micro enterprise among extremely poor mountain villages. Build on proven initiatives started in the Makalu and other parts of Nepal over the past 20+ years, harness a proven Appreciative Planning and Action (APA) development methodology along Nepal’s 1000 mile Great Himalaya Trail (GHT)—spanning the entire 500 miles from East to West Nepal.
This proposed Economic Development International Project, supported by District 7930 and Amesbury Rotary, is being designed by Amesbury Rotarians Malcolm (Mac) Odell, Mark Bean, and Sandy Carlisle from the Amesbury Rotary Club. You can read more about the project in the Northeast PETS House of Friendship and they would love to come present this project to your Rotary Club with an awesome PowerPoint presentation. Please contact Sandy Carlisle, Mac Odell, or Mark Bean to set up a date.