Posted by Alexander Falk on May 07, 2022
Now is the time to get your club qualified for participating in district and global grants for the coming 2022-23 Rotary year. For a club to get qualified you have to have at least two members who have taken the district grant management seminar, and the club's current president for 2021-22 as well as the incoming president for 2022-23 both have to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the district and the club. The signing process is fully electronic, and you can click this link to find the e-signing instructions for Presidents.
Any club member who has already attended the District Assembly on April 27th has already taken the grant management seminar and is already qualified. Those who have missed the assembly, or if you have additional members in your club who want to be qualified to access the grants module in ClubRunner, the grant management seminar is now available online on the district website. If you follow this link you can watch the seminar in a 20 minute YouTube video and then all you need to do is complete a short online quiz.