Posted by Mary Ciaraldi on Jan 12, 2019
The Rotary Club of Rockport Presents!
A Musical Comedy About Life in Rockport, MA
Saturday, January 19 (7:00 PM), Sunday, January 20 (2:00 PM)
John Lane Auditorium at Rockport High School
24 Jerdens Lane, Rockport, MA
Tickets available on line at: or call 603-721-1038
LIVING THE ISLAND LIFE is a new musical comedy about a family of six (including a large dog named Kitty) from Buffalo New York, on vacation in—they think—Rockport, Maine. They land, instead, on Cape Ann and learn about life on our side of the bridge through eleven locals’ colorful interpretations of “island” life and its people. In between uproarious laughs, the players sing very familiar musical tunes—with all-new lyrics. A grand showcase of community talent and local heroes will add to the audience’s delight.
ACTORS: Featuring the talents of Jeff McKeen, Wendy Betts, Guy Parsons, Emily Marques, Kathleen Morgan, Bob Ellis, Sue Bonior, Andy Heinze, Jack Reed, Chas Kreis, Gordon Baird, Evelyn Reed, Carolyn Howard, Derek van Gulden, Anne Hyde, and Frances Fleming.
Laura Fillmore Evans, Piano
David Benjamin, Sax, Clarinet, Flute
Art Adamson, Trumpet
Gary Wolseiffer, Bass
Rick Geraghty, Drums
Written and Directed by: Linda Sanders and some of the humor in collaboration with Ian Crown