Posted by Nikki Marin on Jun 14, 2024
This past year, the Rockport Rotary Club built a classroom for Ugandan children with the support of a district grant. This comes as a result of the club's strong partnership with an organization called Village2Village Project, which focuses on serving vulnerable children in an impoverished area in rural northeastern Uganda, East Africa. The mission of Village2Village Project is to provide comprehensive, empowering, respectful, and compassionate care for vulnerable children and their families, one life at a time. The project provides basic needs support and education to over 225 children, most of whom have lost one more parent due to HIV/AIDs or violence.
This past year, the Rockport Rotary Club funded the construction of a new classroom in Village2Village Project’s Education Center through the support of Rotary grant funding. The classroom, which has the capacity to hold 90 students, was constructed by local Ugandan builders using local materials. This classroom will be an asset in a country where only 1 in 4 children who begin primary school are able to move on to secondary education.

Village2Village Project recently recruited new children into the program, including ten year-olds who had never held a pencil and did not know any letters or numbers. Importantly, the classroom will not only provide paper and pencils, but also a wide variety of books which will be accessible to the children. Simply holding a book and reading from it is a unique opportunity for most rural Ugandan children, as even those who have the ability to attend public school often cannot access books because the teacher has the only copy.

“The Rockport Rotary Club is again happy to support Village2Village Project,” shared club president Matt Wigton. “We have enjoyed working with this organization for several years. This grant ties in with the mission of Rotary and one of our key areas of focus, which is education.”

The Rockport Rotary Club has partnered with Village2Village Project on other endeavors in past years, such as digging a well in an area without clean water and constructing kitchen and dining facilities at both of Village2Village Project’s campuses.

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