Posted by Emily Joan Cooper on Mar 28, 2021
This year, the Peabody Rotary club hosted guest speakers from the sensational group, CultureHouse. It is a non-profit which improves livability in local communities by transforming unused spaces into vibrant social infrastructure. In layman's terms, CultureHouse is an urban living room where there is free wifi, no need to pay to visit or sit awhile, and the space can be used flexibly for events, workshops, test kitchens, or play (think small trampolines for kids of all ages). Basically, in partnership we will dream it with our community members, and we will do it. 
By researching the community's needs, engaging community members through advisory groups and participatory action, building spaces which foster community, and then operating those spaces to collect data for the city, they help folks and their municipalities find a path forward for continued development. The Peabody CultureHouse crowdfunding campaign launched on Monday, March 22nd and has already seen vital support from Rotarians. Please visit the crowdfunding page ( to help bring this lively, creative, joyful, much needed project to our district.