Posted by DG Bob Wood on Aug 27, 2018

Unsung Hero – A definition

I’m sure many of you are wondering what exactly an UNSUNG HERO is. 

Is it the police person delivering a baby in the back seat of a car? Is it a fireperson going in and out of a burning building countless times to save lives? Is it a teacher who goes out of their way to be sure her class has everything it needs for the school year?

Well it could be, or it could be a wait staff that makes sure that a homeless person gets a cup of coffee and a muffin every day and takes it out of their tips to pay for it. Or it could be a janitor in school that does extraordinary things to make life better for the children. Or it could be anyone that makes random acts of kindness a lifestyle without ever thinking that it is unusual. Nor do they think they would or should get an award for what they do on a regular basis. 

THAT is an UNSUNG HERO. Someone who neither expects nor seeks praise nor an award for something they just consider the right thing to do. I hope this helps.  

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