Posted by Amy Luckiewicz on Jul 08, 2018
A new Rotary year has started and the membership team is in full swing! The Membership Team wanted to provide you with some important information about Rotary Membership Inquiries early on in the year. These automated emails come from Rotary International (RI) and may inform you that your club (or for Assistant Governors-clubs that you represent) has a membership lead. I wanted to give you some direction on what to do with those. Short answer: you can go ahead and delete RI Membership Inquiry automated emails...the district will make first contact. Any email from Jim Major or Amy Luckiewicz talking about a lead is the one to keep and follow up on.
Let us explain...
The District Membership Team has a plan to mange these leads in a shared system that ensures the best fit for the prospective member and also cuts some of the work for the club. Our plan includes the following:
Step 1: Someone from the district team will follow up with the lead with a phone call within 48 hours of receiving the membership lead from RI.
Step 2: We ask questions to uncover which club or clubs would be a good fit for the member to try out.
Step 3: We contact the Club President and Club Membership Chair directly to provide the prospect's phone and email. It's then up to them to invite the prospective member to visit. The email to follow up will say CONFIRMED ROTARY LEAD in the subject line. This is the email to open and read. It's also important to note that if you receive a prospect from us that the club follow up quickly as well. You can consider this a hot lead and one which should be followed up on as soon as possible.
Step 4: We follow up with the clubs on the status of the prospective member with a 6-question quick survey link. This is very important as we have to report this information back to RI.
We have inquired with RI if there is a way to not have you get those leads to avoid confusion. I'm sorry to say right now that's not possible.
Lastly, check out this quick tips page to help you with engaging the prospective member. If you have any questions at all please contact us at Thanks for your help with this. We have informed RI of our process and suggested changes to the system, but we expect you will continue to have these automatically generated emails sent to you.
Thanks for all you do to expand our Rotary family!