Posted by Amy Luckiewicz on Dec 10, 2018
The Winter 2018/2019 Pubic Image and Membership Mini Grants are now open for submission. The purpose of mini-grants is to improve and/or increase the public image of the Rotary clubs of District 7930, encourage clubs to develop their orientation process, work on club development, host a "Friendraiser" event to attract new members or to provide support for new members to pursue their Rotary dreams. Categories for mini-grant approval are listed in the grant applications. All mini grant applications are due by January 21, 2019.
• Grants are reimbursement matching grant – 50% of expenses. Public Image matches are eligible for up to $250 and Membership matches are eligible for up to $200.
• Clubs cannot receive grant money up front but may submit receipts for payment prior to the deadline. Mini-grant funds may be used to subsidize a larger quote.
• All promotions, materials, and messaging must meet the Rotary International Branding Standards and be PRE-APPROVED by a member of the Public Image Committee. Design help is available from the Public Image Committee.
• Recipients may be asked to share their materials, designs, and/or events with other Rotary clubs.
For more information, please contact Amy Luckiewicz at