Presidential Citation 2023-24
Dear Club Presidents,
Please download the Rotary International Goals and Instructions to achieving the Presidential Citation and then watch this short (< 10 minutes) YouTube video that tells you exactly how to enter your club goals and achievements in Rotary Club Central...
Please note: this video was recorded three years ago and, therefore, makes reference to the 2020-21 goals both in the narration and on the screen. However, it is 100% applicable to the Presidential Citation process for the current 2023-24 Rotary year! The new process that defines 25 possible goals and requires you to select and achieve > 50% or at least 13 of these goals has been in place for the last three Rotary years so the instructions in this video are accurate for the current year, just as they were three years ago.
Good luck with achieving the Presidential Citation 2023-24!