To qualify your Rotary Club for participation in Rotary Foundation Global Grants and District Managed Grants, please follow these important two steps. This grant qualification process has to be done every year. The following are the steps required for Rotary Year 2021-22:
At least two members of your Rotary Club must attend the District Assembly. Ideally, this should be the President-elect and the Foundation Chair, but you can also have more members of your foundation committee or board of directors attend the Assembly. Only those who have attended will have access to the district managed grant application on the district website!
If you missed the District Assembly, or if you want additional people in your club to become qualified, then please watch the following grant qualification seminar portion of the district assembly on YouTube:
After watching the video, please complete this short Online Quiz. Please note: this step is only required, if you missed the District Assembly and want to be qualified after the initial process.
2. Electronically sign the Memorandum of Understanding:
This document must be read and signed by both the 2020-2021 Club President and the 2021-2022 Club President. Both Presidents can sign this agreement online and it will be automatically emailed to District Rotary Foundation Chair Joan Arsenault at 
The signing process is very easy and consists of two steps: (1) click on the below link for your role (President 2020-21 or President 2021-22) and go through the steps on the Adobe Sign website; (2) to verify your identity, Adobe Sign will send you an email and you must click on the link in that email to confirm your email address.
Presidents 2020-2021 should click here to sign electronically.
Presidents 2021-2022 should click here to sign electronically.
Completion of this process is required to qualify for any grant from District 7930.