Posted by Anne Lewis on Jun 16, 2022
The Rockport Rotary Club used a District 7930 Matching Grant to complete Phase One of the construction of the Kateta House of Joy.  It is a kitchen and dining hall on the second campus of the Village2Village Project in a very remote area of northeastern Uganda.  The Village2Village Project is a charitable organization based in Indiana.  It serves children in an area of Uganda where four out of five families live in devastating poverty.  The second campus had only had a latrine and main office.  It had no place for eating, teaching or meeting.  Instead, children had to walk up to 20KM for activities on the main campus.
This project will ultimately benefit up to 150 children and their guardians.  But even unfinished, the building has allowed 56 children to have their daily activities in their own local area.  This area of Uganda is food insecure.  Children are used to having only one meal per day, often lacking in nutrition.  Now they will have regular meals and participate in their lessons on the local campus.
The Kateta House of Joy is well on the way to becoming a place not only to eat but to learn, sing, dance and grow.